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 Effective authors inspire and promote creativity in the readers they reach.

This set of select children's book authors impact old and young readers alike. Each of these emboldeners have  had a personal influence on me. 


C.S. Lewis brings a sense of magic that children can crawl into as they experience different worlds.

Dr. Seuss adds whimsy to important life lessons.

J.R.R. Tolkien inspires young and old readers to persevere.

Roald Dahl creates a sense of wonderment and channels the imagination of all who read his work.

Shel Silverstien invents a beautiful poetic language with distinct visual style that only he could create.

Neil Gaiman brings wonderment to everything he produces.

Edward Gorey engages with his fearless Gothic literature and Victorian pen and ink drawings.

Each of these wonderful creators inspired me. As a kid, I devoured their beautiful catologs of work. They still inspire me today. 

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